Are you an out of state Landlord? If so – have you registered with the state? If not here’s are some why it’s important to do so.

As many property owners, managers, and agents know out of state landlords are required to provide an in-state agent and in-state address for all properties owned in the state. But Why? In 1996 a law was passed requiring this for the purpose of notifications as well as holding a landlord responsible for it’s tenants actions. It’s important to note the penalty section for noncompliance. If a landlord does not file, the tenants obligation to pay rents stops until the form is filed. Tenants can also raise the landlords non-filing as a defense in an eviction action for nonpayment of rent. The statue also imposes a $500.00 fine per violation, which is paid to the town where property is located. Compliance is easy. You can file online! The link is provided below.