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    The Warner Realty Group is a team of dedicated agents, led by Sandi Warner (Broker and Owner), with a commitment to Rhode Island development and region responsibly that goes beyond sales, and is backed by comprehensive legal and real estate knowledge.

    A client called us when her tenants alerted her to a mold issue. She tested the property and the tenant tested the property. Above normal levels were found of Penicillium /Aspergillus, the most common mold found indoors.

    The tenants wanted to leave and this landlord allowed them to vacate the lease. To truly rid a house of mold this is the best way to manage it. However, the tenants left the house chock full of their belongings including weapons, animal gear, furniture, active laundry, and more.

    There are multiple issues in this scenario:

    • How is the security deposit handled?
      Is the landlord legally responsible for removing all the personal items?
      How do we correct the mold problem, remove all the items, and minimize vacancies?
    • Warner Realty Group worked with the client to put the house back in good working order. A house organizer was brought in to dispose (safely) of the times remaining behind, sorting between trash and donation items.

    We worked with the owner to resolve the issue and determine the cause of the mold, in this case, a leak around the chimney and some improper plumbing around the sump pump.

    A property owner has a multi-family building. On the first floor is a single person in their 40’s or 50’s with a traditional job working a traditional schedule. On the second and third floor are younger persons working in the hospitality industry with night shifts.
    The person on the first floor complains about the noise, after-hours parties, and a lack of basic hygiene such as trash overflowing and not being taken to the curb for removal so that trash is laying in the yard.
    This is a common scenario and is not a one-and-done fix. There is little a landlord can do in the short term to correct this situation other than issue “Notices” and gear up for eviction. In the meantime, they can lose the first-floor tenant.
    Your tenants decide to get a divorce. Or one tenant abruptly moves out and the other tenant wants you to forgive half the rent.
    What do you do?
    The property owner is stationed overseas. The tenant calls to report a broken water spigot outside which is gushing water. There is no shutoff for the outside spigot line. The tenant has the good sense to shut the water off to the house but now has no water at all.
    Having a property manager gives this tenant access to immediate assistance which mitigates or prevents all damage to the property. We had a plumber on site in 5 hours and the problem was resolved.

    Are you familiar with these common Landlord Issues?

    Having a full-time, professional property management firm offers tenants and property owners peace of mind and assurances all issues will be resolved.

    Expert Property Management Services:

    Property Management

    Troubleshooting maintenance requests and hiring contractors from our network of trusted providers – rapid response available.

    Property Monitoring

    Peace of mind while away from a valued property. Owners can rest assured that their home will be monitored and any upkeep delivered on schedule.

    Tenant Management

    Rent collection services, tenant screening services, and even monitoring of non-compliance instances.

    Short Term Rentals

    Providing property owners with the hosting services that their guests deserve. Rental upkeep, preparation, and hospitality experience.

    Maximize Income and Minimize Risk with Property Management Services from Warner Realty Group

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