On June 24, 2024, the Governor approved a new law that will increase the amount of notice that a landlord must provide a tenant before a rental increase takes effect.

2189 SUB A The law went into effect immediately the same day.

Here is how the rent increase notice periods have changed:

Type of Tenant Old law New law

Tenants 62 or under was 30 days now 60 days

Tenants over 62 was 60 days now 120 days

The new notice periods do not apply to increases for tenants of housing established by federal or state law that has different notice periods or for occupants of assisted living or similar care facilities.

The notice periods for terminating a tenancy have not changed.

Even though the new law is now in effect, the only way to find it is on the Rhode Island General Assembly web site State of Rhode Island General Assembly (rilegislature.gov) by searching “Bill Status” or “Public Laws.” New laws normally aren’t added to the separate Rhode Island General Laws database until November.