Winter is here, and with it comes snow, wind, ice, and parking bans. Here’s a list of where and where not to park when a ban is in effect.

The Director of Public Safety is authorized to eliminate all parking of automobiles on certain streets for certain limited periods to facilitate the Removal of Snow from such streets.  Motor vehicles parked on such a street one-half hour after the public ban has been announced may be towed to a place of storage at the owner’s expense.

Streets are listed below:

Annandale Road

Bellevue Avenue: (Kay Street to Bowery St)

Bedlow Avenue

Bliss Road


Coggeshall Avenue

East Bowery Street

Farewell Street

Friendship Street

Gibbs Avenue

Gould Street

Kay Street

Powell Avenue

Spring Street

Summer Street

Thames Street

Third Street

Warner Street

Washington Street

Washington Square

West Narragansett Avenue

William Street

Van Zandt Avenue, from J.T. Connell Memorial Road East to Malbone Road. (Ord. 2004-7/1, 2004; Ord. 67-94/1, 1994; prior code/480.13)

Ord. 10.20.090. Parking for longer than Twenty-Four hours prohibited.

No person shall park a vehicle on any street for longer than Twenty-Four (24) hours on any day or night. (Prior code { (480.09)

The “Snow Shoveling for Seniors” program is sponsored by the Community Oriented Policing Division, (401) 845-5732. Typical Hours of COP Office are 8:00AM to 4:00PM.

Gateway Center, Mary Street lot, and Easton’s Beach are all usually free of charge for residents to park at during a parking ban.

Snow plowing operations are in effect for snowfalls of approximately two (2) inches or more.  The City is divided into seven (7) plowing areas with personnel assigned to each area.  Plowing in each area is prioritized with Main roads, hills and areas around schools being addressed first.  The length of time it takes city crews to plow 94 miles of roads varies depending on the intensity of the snowfall, breakdowns of equipment, amount of traffic on the roads and available personnel.  City personnel face additional difficulties in Newport due to narrow streets, parked cars on roadways, one way traffic, steep hills and poor visibility.  The city advises that all motorists stay off the roadways, if at all possible, during a snowstorm.

9.08.110. Snow Removal.

No owner, occupant or other person having the care of any building or lot of land bordering on any street, square or public place in the City, where there is a sidewalk, shall fail, within five (5) hours of daylight, after the ceasing to fall of any snow, to cause the same to be removed from the Sidewalk adjoining such building or lot, and in all streets where there is No curbstone set, a pathway, at least four (4) feet wide, shall be made on and along the sidewalk aforesaid for the convenience of pedestrians. (Prior code/678.12)

9.08.120. Ice Removal.

Whenever any sidewalk, or any part thereof, adjoining any building or lot of land on any street encumbered with ice, no owner, occupant or other person having the care of such building or lot shall fail to cause such sidewalks to be made safe and convenient, by removing the ice there from or by covering the same with sand or ashes within four (4) hours during the daytime (Prior code/678.13)