Picture yourself on the lawn of your waterfront New England home; sailboats lazily drifting by in the setting sun as the water is ablaze in oranges, pinks and gold. Seagulls wheeling overhead with their raucous chatter. The steady ssssshhhhhssssshhhh as the waves lap gently in and out at your front door. Sound dreamy?

It IS! So here are some things you should know when you’re thinking of purchasing a dream property on the waterfront. Whether you’re a lake gal, an oceanfront family looking for easy access to water sports, or just looking for the soothing effect of water on your nerves, THIS VIDEO IS FOR YOU!

Join me as we talk with Attorney Chris McNalley of Sayer, Regan & Thayer, LLP. Chris is a skilled maritime law attorney who works with a lot of property owners as they navigate the ins and outs of the CRMC or the “Coastal Resources Management Council”