My microwave broke today, the door latch won’t catch and no amount of fiddling and exploring and attempting to discover the issue has resulted in a working microwave. I’ve got a broken Keurig too, which is great because a New Year’s Goal was to get back to a drip coffee maker and stop throwing coffee pods in the landfill since they are neither biodegradable or recyclable.

What to do with a broken small household appliance?

There are several options, but this one really appealed to me, both in terms of convenience and the opportunity to support a local business.  Indie Cycle, LLC is a woman owned business out of Charlestown, Rhode Island. Their website says they take small appliances (see a full list here) and pick up at various spots around the state.

I’ll be dropping off a broken microwave and a broken Keurig machine at Aquidneck Growers market next Saturday. The idea of recycling and buying from local vendors at the same time makes my little green heart just thud with happiness (and no doubt a bit of self satisfied congratulations). If you get stressed about how to dispose of trash here’s a link to Clean City in Newport where they help recycle LOTS of stuff! Newport Clean City