Going through a real estate agent’s typical day and work activities.


If you’ve been hearing about how crazy the real estate market has been, you might be wondering what real estate agents do every day. Maybe you’re even interested in a real estate career. No matter the reason, this is a fair question! It’s a bit of a misnomer to think about a real estate agent’s ‘typical’ day because each day can be very different, which is an aspect of the job that many find attractive. However, today I’ll share three activities that you can expect to do on any given day as a real estate agent so you can better understand what it takes to succeed in this career.

1. Administrative tasks. Usually done at the start of the day, administrative tasks can include responding to messages, processing documents, coordinating appointments, creating budgets, marketing listings, updating client databases, researching comparable properties, updating websites and social media, and more. That all sounds like a lot, and you’re right; these tasks can be very time consuming, so many real estate agents hire an assistant to handle most of them, that way they can be more engaged and effective in the other parts of the business.



Each day can be very different, which is an aspect of the job that many find attractive.



2. Lead generation. Without new clients, you won’t have any business, so lead generation is critical to every real estate agent’s success. A good beginning strategy is to get leads from your sphere of influence, or people who you already know. However, networking is also important. Most people will buy or sell real estate at some point, so you should view everyone as a potential client, try to build a rapport with them, and keep in contact regularly through calls, emails, physical mail, and texts to keep your name top of mind.

3. Working with clients.
Depending on whether you’re working with a buyer or a seller, this part of the day can vary. With sellers, you’ll be giving them a comparative market analysis, creating MLS listings and setting their prices, preparing properties for sale with marketing, hosting showings, vetting buyers, negotiating sales, and more. When working with buyers, you’ll find appropriate properties to share with your clients, send them these listings and show them in person, ensure clients are pre-approved, accompany them to inspections and meetings, craft and submit offers, and help clients navigate through contracts. In general, working with buyers takes more time than working with sellers because they have more options and variables.


If you have any questions about what real estate agents do during a typical day or if you’re interested in pursuing a career in real estate, don’t hesitate to reach out to me by phone or email. I look forward to hearing from you.