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Using 1031 Exchange to save Money!

Today’s podcast is about the 1031 Exchange rules and how to use them when you sell an investment property.

Before you put that investment property on the market let’s talk about potential tax impacts of that sale and the steps you can take to minimize or defer completely those impacts.

Plan AHEAD and use a 1031 Exchange. Sell your existing investment then buy another investment within 180 days and you can defer the tax on any gains.

Join us as we talk about the pros and cons and the step by step process to take advantage of this seller friendly provision of the tax code. For more details check out

Do this to keep more money in your pocket!

00:00 Introduction

00:17 Of interest to Sellers of Investment Properties

02:16 Definition of a 1031 Exchange or “Like Kind Exchange”

02:40. Impact of Tax Cut and Jobs Act

04:00 1031 DEFERS taxes, doesn’t eliminate them

04:50 Three Types of 1031 Exchange

05:15 A Typical 1031 Scenario

07:05 1031 Exchange Identification Rules

07:30 A Successful 1031 Exchange means Seller NEVER touches the funds

08:04 Reverse 1031

09:03 1031 Direct Exchange: Both Buyer and Seller utilizing 1031

09:37 Definition of Investment Property for 1031

11:08 Co-ownership impact on 1031 Exchange

11:35 Necessity of Qualified Professionals for Successful Exchange

13:20 Communication between Buyer and Seller Agents is Important for Success

13:50 Closing Dates impact Successful Exchange

15:05 Real Estate Agent Best Practices in 1031 Exchange

15:32 Timing Rules in 1031 Exchange

16:19 Tax Savings in 1031 Exchange

16:40 1031 Exchange Alternatives

17:40 1031 Exchange & Rhode Island Non-Resident Withholding Tax

18:50 1031 Exchange and Tax Planning Potentials

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