Sellers of Investment Properties often face punishing taxes on their gains.

In this market Sellers hold all the cards when they sell but face an uphill battle to find a suitable replacement property.

What if you could purchase something LIKE a property but without the headaches of the three “T”s of Tenants, Toilets and Trash?

Purchasing a DST is more like purchasing a stock or mutual fund. You choose from a preapproved portfolio of existing, functioning commercial properties (shopping centers, apartment complexes, medical centers, etc) based on your needs.

With a DST you don’t have to be the landlord, these properties are fully managed. You get the benefits of mortgage interest.

And you get SWAN benefits!! Those are Sleep Well At Night know YOU don’t have to answer the phone if something goes wrong.

Ron Cole of 1031 Solutions has updated offerings weekly where investors can view the type of properties they want to purchase and easily meet the timing requirements of a 1031 Exchange. All the tax benefits, none of the headaches.

00:00 Introduction

00:41 Intro Ronald Cole of Cole 1031 Solutions

02:24 Definition 1031 Exchange

03:34 Types of taxes triggered by sale of investment property

04:57 How does 1031 Exchange help save you money?

05:31 Delaware Statutory Trust or DST : how does this help?

06:43 Benefits of purchasing DST instead of Brick & Mortar replacement

08:05 Property Management Alternative to owning

10:05 Definitions of “Replacement Property”

10:20 Strict Time requirements make DST easier to manage


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